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Thierry Fiquet

European Union Expertise on Social Protection, Labour and Employment
Since 2017, Thierry FIQUET is the technical key expert on “Labour and Employment” of the team implementing SOCIEUX+ : the EU facility on Social Protection, Labour and Employment which provides short term and peer to peer EU expertise worldwide. For 20 years, Mr FIQUET held many high level management positions in the French Public Employment Services (Pôle emploi) and National Vocational Training Agency (AFPA) at the local, regional, national and international level, and as an “international PES expert” at the same time.
In 2010, he was counsellor for organizational development during the merging period of “Unemployment Insurance service” and the former “National Agency for Employment”, and in 2016 held the position of national project manager for the national plan entitled “One million trainings for job seekers”.
Mr Fiquet has a post-graduate degree in Labour analysis, employment policies and organisations management, a Master’s degree in Management of economic and social administrations, and a Bachelor’s degree in political science.