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Mohammad Manan Ansari

Youth member of CFV, withdrawn from child labour in the mica mines.
I am a TEDx Speaker,a Youth member of CFV and Young social Activist at Kailash Satyarthi Children's Foundation for 100 million for 100 million campaign who was withdrawn from the mica mines. I have participated as a Youth leader representative at Leaders and Laureate Summit 2018 in Jordon. I also moderated and addressed the Spotlight Session on Child Rights Champions of South Asia'at the UNBHR South Asia Forum, 2019 in New Delhi. I have spoken and raised my voice against child labour at several International platforms such as the ILO Convention in Geneva,2009 raising this question“In coming 10-20 years, will we be able to make the world free from child labor where education is the birthright of every child?” Later, many at the Convention pledged and resolve to make the world child labour free. During the Trust Women Conference,2014 in London I also represented the unheard voices of millions of children advocating their rights and to make sure that no child loses his/her life in the mines anymore.
Currently, I am pursuing my masters in Applied Microbiology.