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Larry Catá Backer

Pen State University
Professor of Law and International Affairs
Pennsylvania, USA
Currently working on a monograph: "Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights: A Commentary" (OUP). Research focuses generally on the institutional elements of globalization and its normative and ideological construction--thus theory and implementaton and contests over both. These include governance-related issues of globalisation and the constitutional theories of public and private governance, with a focus on institutional frameworks for public-private law governance systems, including business and human rights and global production chain regulation. Publications include "Hong Kong Between 'One Country' and 'Two Systems'" (Little Sir Press 2021); "Cuba's Caribbean Marxism: Essays on Ideology, Government, Society, and Economy in the Post Fidel Castro Era" (Little Sir Press 2018), "Lawyers Making Meaning "(Springer 2013) and "Signs in Law "(Springer 2014) (both with Jan Broekman), casebooks, "Elements of Law and the U.S: Legal System" (Carolina Academic Press 2017), "Law and Religion" (4th Edition West Academic 2021 with Frank Ravitch), Comparative Corporate Law (Carolina Academic Press 2002), Harmonizing Law in an Era of Globalization (edi) Carolina 2007), and a number of articles and contributions to published collections of essays. Shorter essays on various aspects of globalisation and governance appear on his essay site, “Law at the End of the Day,” http://lcbackerblog.blogspot.com