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Jenny Heap

Geneva Area

I have a multidisciplinary background and am currently interested in the role of business in protecting human rights and how this relates to environmental protection, conflict prevention and peacebuilding.

My work with the private sector has aimed to ensure that day-to-day operations do not lead to conflict with local communities, international good practice or ‘licence to operate’, and that they have a net positive environmental and social effect consistent with local community aspirations. Of particular importance I see the need to ensure that due diligence and other obligations and commitments are fully built into core company structures including key reporting systems and individual responsibilities. My experience includes project and programme evaluations and impact assessments.

I have direct and consultancy experience in a number of organizations and across a range of sectors including with multicultural teams and involving complex internal and external processes. I have driven organizational change in the public and the International NGO sectors and have held senior positions within Governmental organizations and with International NGOs and have worked with the UN and with peacebuilding/ conflict prevention organizations. My work with the private sector, has included the extractive industries, the water industry, forestry and agriculture, and with regulatory bodies.

I am ooking forward to meeting with many of you.