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Francis Asuk

Shell Petroleum Development Company Nigeria Ltd
Human Rights, Issues & Crisis Mgt. Adviser
Port Harcourt
I am the Human Rights Faculty Lead for Shell Companies in Nigeria, in this role coordinate deepening awareness and understanding of the UNGPs in 4 Shell Companies through designing capacity building and implementing policy and business initiatives.  In this role I develop and implement Human Rights Awareness and risk management  programme across key business areas including deepening VPSHR awareness and support for compliance in Security related operations. Through diligent implementation of  HuRi programmes we are able to reach thousands of employees, vendors and other critical stakeholders in the Upstream, Mid-stream and Downstream business value chain.
In my role I engage extensively with National and International Human rights Institutions and organizations adapt draw global best practice to update business understanding of trends and address areas of concerns from stakeholders, local and International NGOs and community stakeholders.
I am part of the compliance team, which evaluates complaints and petitions about Human Rights impacts resulting from Shells operations in Nigeria.
I am interested in deepening understanding of the role of Energy Companies in addressing the human rights risks of their investments, and the strategies they can implement to identify, address and contribute in ensuring remedy for negative human rights impacts resulting from their investments and enabling societal progress in their business environment and the local economy.