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Yukiko Arai

ILO Country Office for Argentina
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Yukiko Arai is the Director of the ILO Country Office for Argentina based in Buenos Aires. Yukiko joined the ILO in January 2001. Since then, she has worked as a specialist in child labor, poverty reduction and sustainable and responsible business, and has led operations in the Asia-Pacific region, Africa, Latin America and the Caucasus. Prior to the ILO, she worked at the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank, both based in Washington, D.C. In 2013, she left the ILO to work as Director of International Relations for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and Nominations Committee Paralympic. Yukiko was selected by Forbes Japan as one of the "55 Most Influential Japanese Women Working Abroad." Yukiko Arai has an MA in International Economics with a sub-concentration in Latin American Studies from the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies, and a BA. in Law from Keio University (Japan).